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I sat down to write this introduction (late at night since that's the easiest time for me to write).and I got stuck. I wasn't honestly sure how I was supposed to introduce myself? So I'm just gonna jump right in and hope for the best.

My writing name is Isabo Kelly. I was born in Tucson, Arizona but grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada-a topic it's best I don't go into too much. I did my undergraduate degree (in Zoology) in Hawaii, a great escape from the desert. I got to work with dolphins there-that was an adventure. After that, there was a brief lapse back into the desert when I worked at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum taking care of the sharks and marine exhibits. I was affectionately (I swear!) referred to as the Shark Lady. My next move took me to Germany and gave me the chance to travel Europe a bit. This eventually led to my most recent move to Dublin, Ireland where I'm working on my Ph.D. in Zoology-this time working with deer.

I took up fiction at an early age (my mom used to call it lying but now that I'm a writer she has to call it storytelling). I got hooked on the fantasy genre after reading Ann McCaffery's Dragon Riders of Pern series. I have to admit that I loved the romances in these stories too, but it wasn't until years later, when a friend introduced me to romance and the cross genre of futuristic romance, that I really found my passion. My first novel was a fantasy romance. It still awaits desperately needed revisions.

Unfortunately for my writing career, even though I knew a lot of people who liked reading these particular types of cross-genre stories, I couldn't find a home for my type of stories at a traditional print publisher. Then I discovered the wonderful world of electronic publishing. Not only did it open up a new and burgeoning market for speculative and cross-genre fiction, it saved me a ton on postage to the U.S.

My first novel, a science fiction romance called THE PROMISE OF KIERNA' RHOAN, was published in June of 1999 by Dreams Unlimited ( My second novel will be released by Dreams Unlimited in March. This one is a fantasy romance called THIEF'S DESIRE. I'm working on editing the sequel to THIEF and writing a sequel to KIERNA' RHOAN even as we speak.

And I absolutely love gabbing about fiction and writing almost as much as I love writing. This is gonna be fun.