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Do you like Historical Romance? Mine will be released on January 2002, by Awe Struck E-books. After reading three to six books a week for a few years, I sat down and wrote one.

My novel is titled "The Fox Prince". The tale is set in 449 AD. King Vortigern's plan of hiring Saxon mercenaries to protect Briton backfired. The mercenary leaders, Hengest and Horsa, turned conquer and took a large chunk of Britain for themselves.

Hero and Heroine, Tryffin, a Celtic Prince and Aelfrida, a Saxon slave, are mixed up in the brewing trouble. The two are thrown together in the daring and dangerous adventures of war, pirates, skirmishes, a craven madman, and a queen that dallies with poison.

Prince Tryffin is an honorable, handsome, brave warrior who is unquestioningly Aelfrida's soul mate. So, what's the problem? You know the story, girls. They're some issues.

Following his first battle with the Saxons, sixteen-year-old Tryffin leads a band of warriors home. They are filled with blood lust when ten-year-old Aelfrida, her mother, and father cross their path. The band slays her parents and she takes to the woods.

In chapter one they meet again, seven years later. Tryffin's guilt turns to love at first sight of the silvery haired beauty. Then Aelfrida's foster father attacks the prince. Tryffin spares the man's life for Aelfrida's hand in marriage. Her quest for vengeance is waylaid when she marries Tryffin to save her foster father's life. Later she must choose again between vengeance or love. But this time it is for the love of Tryffin.

I read in a book on romance writing that you should never set a romance in the dark ages. But, they're countless versions of the Arthurian legend written to this day. I've read them all. Nothing is more romantic then Arthur, Merlin, and Camelot. As the Arthurian legend proved that advice wrong so will "The Fox Prince". I have used the same place, the same century, but a different story, one that I like better.

As a writer, a reader, and a lover of history, I offer two pieces of advice. First, an age of mystery is an age of romance. Second, as Shakespeare took full advantage of the technological advancement of his day, the printing press, let us follow his lead and take full advantage of electronic publishing.

Happy Valentines Day